FINALISTA en los Premios Educa Abanca 2020 al Mejor profesor de España. 2º de educación secundaria y 1º de Formación de Personas Adultas
PRIMER PREMIO Miguel Hernández 2015 que otorga el Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes. El cual es el mayor reconocimiento a nivel nacional a un centro de formación de personas adultas.
PREMIO a la Mejor Experiencia y Práctica Educativa 2016 en el XVI Congreso Nacional y VII Congreso Iberoamericano de Pedagogía.
Finalista en los premios FOCUS BUSINESS 2014 centro educativo emprendedor que organiza la Consellería de Economía, Industria, Turismo y Empleo de la Generalitat Valenciana.


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martes, 24 de septiembre de 2019

Resumen de los proyectos europeos en el CFPA Mercè Rodoreda

 Artículo publicado en Internet con motivo de la conmemoración de los 30 años de proyectos europeos.

 Adult Education – Slovenia, 2016-18 

 ‘Students need to learn to effectively communicate, to express themselves, to process information, to be active citizens, so that their education transfers into their employability.’

Jose Tomas Pastor Perez is head of the Science and Technology Department at CFPA Mercè Rodoreda, a public learning centre for adults located in the small city of Elche, Spain. In this role, he has positioned himself as an innovative educator and a teaching enthusiast. Through participation in different Erasmus initiatives, Jose has come to view the model of adult education in a new light, one based on asking students ‘How can I assist you in reaching your goals?’
Reflecting on his experiences, Jose sees his work as complementing and helping innovate school curricula, with courses that stress practical skills for the new knowledge society such as online job-searching techniques, creating online portfolios and social media recruitment. He has also introduced non-formal teaching methods into the learning process. For instance, at his centre students learn about science and technology by creating and overseeing their own science museum.

‘Preparing objects for the museum not only helps students learn about aerodynamics or optics but also organise events, conduct guided tours, and interact with the local community. That is much more beneficial than just sitting with a book’, he says.

His efforts have translated into tangible benefits for the students, securing their entry into the job market, their future employability and career development. While Jose’s contribution to quality adult education has been recognised by numerous awards, such as the ‘Miguel Hernández award’ from the Spanish Ministry of Education, this is merely a positive ‘side-effect’ of his efforts. ‘My main goal is to introduce new innovative teaching methods into the training process in order to offer better services for society. The Erasmus + programme helps with this significantly.’

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